Evaluation Implementation

SportzSoft makes is easy to run your evaluations. Sessions are created and players added to them. Pinnie numbers and colors can be assigned and players can put into groups. Evaluation sheets are prepared and volunteers are assigned to sessions. Then, players and volunteers are sent a 'notification' email which allows them to confirm they are coming by clicking a link in the email. As players and volunteers arrive at the evaluation session, you can check them in to confirm their attendance.

Evaluation Implementation Features
  • Create sessions by date, time, location
  • Identify which age group will be at the session and the software generates an automatic list of athletes
  • Divide the players up into groups or teams. Assign pinnie colors and numbers to each.
  • Identify the evaluation criteria you will be using for the evaluation then print off evaluation sheets.
  • Assign volunteers to your session
  • Send email notifications to all players (parents) and volunteers and have them confirm that they received the message
  • Check in players and volunteers as they arrive at the session to confirm their attendance

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