Evaluation Setup

Setup your evaluations in one central location that is securely accessed by all. This ensures that all information is managed in one spot, is consistent, and that if changes are made, everyone sees them in real time.

Evaluation Setup
All aspects of the evaluation are setup centrally and pushed out to various users.
Each division being evaluated is setup and configured separately.
Division Properties
The division screen shows you how evaluation scores are calculated, the athletes being evaluated, and athlete results.
Athlete Setup
Athletes can be 'pulled' from the SportzSoft Registration module.
Athlete Import
If the club is not using the SportzSoft registration software, then athletes can be imported into the evaluation from a spreadsheet.
Evaluation Critera
All evaluation criteria are setup in a central location so that they are consistent for all evaluation sessions.
Evaluation Criteria Properties
Many different types of evaluation criteria can be configured including settings for timed results, measurement and scored entry.
All facilities are setup in one location along with addresses and directions to ensure knows where to go for their scheduled evaluation.
Volunteer Setup
You can use the SportzSoft Volunteer module to define and import volunteers for evaluations.
Volunteer Setup
Volunteer activities (jobs) and volunteers can also be setup directly in the system.

Evaluation Setup Features
  • Enter all dates, times and locations for your evaluation sessions so everyone is using the correct information
  • Setup athlete lists using registrations from the SportzSoft Registration module, or import your own list of athletes
  • Configure each age group with its own evaluation forms consisting of evaluation criteria and scoring rules. Different forms can be used in different sessions.
  • Organize your volunteers who will be helping you run evaluations. Schedule them into sessions, send out email reminders and track who has confirmed to assist.

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